News You Need To Know – Week of December 5th

  • Gov. Kate Brown suggests closure of new, $130 million psychiatric hospital
    (KATU News)
  • Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste
    (Washington Post)
  • Media Misinterprets Recent Abortion Polling
    (National Review)
  • Brown suggests closure of new psychiatric hospital
    (Mail Tribune)

Veteran senior lands job after posting ad saying ‘Save me from dying of boredom’

89-year-old Joe Bartley of England, was finding retirement boring. Bartley retired from his position as […]

‘No age limit on love’: at 80, first-time bride marries 95 year-old widower

At 80, Maria Teresa Cobar never thought she would get married. Born in Guatemala, […]

Iraqi man uses his bulletproof BMW to save over 70 people from ISIS sniper fire

Ako Abdulrahman began looking for ways to protect himself when jihadist militants started coming […]

Teen with cerebral palsy scores first touchdown of the game

The Parlier High School Panthers have not won a football game since 2013, but […]

Man honors promise, drives over 600 miles to share World Series win with his father

This year’s World Series win for the Chicago Cubs greatly affected many people, baseball […]

Student with Down Syndrome achieves dream of cheerleading

Lora Harrington has dreamed of becoming a cheerleader her whole life. As a child, […]

Child writes book to raise 1 million dollars to cure friend’s rare disease

Dylan Siegel was in first grade when he learned that his best friend, Jonah […]

Premature baby the size of a smartphone born in North Carolina

A premature baby born in North Carolina is finally home after spending 127 days […]