News You Need To Know – Week of August 22nd, 2016

  • Hundreds Gather to Remember Senator Alan Bates
  • Sex abuse, poor supervision alleged at Oregon foster program
  • Oregon police featured in ISIS recruitment video
  • Study: Oregon one of worst states for community college
    (Statesman Journal)
  • Bernie Sanders’ new group is already in turmoil
  • Many Oregonians Can Now Text 911

Company turns car exhaust into art supplies

A company based in Bengaluru, India, has created a way to make art supplies […]

Number of universities in a country linked to its economic growth

The National Bureau of Economic Research has published a new study that finds a […]

One of the biggest prayer walks ever in Charlotte, North Carolina

On Saturday, over 1,000 pro-life people gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina for one of […]

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood closes due to lack of abortionists and demand

A Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, recently closed its doors. According […]

Portland rabbi responds to racism with love

On the morning of August 14, Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer found racist graffiti written […]

English teen honors late friend by filling rugby stadium with teddy bears

Aidan Jackson of Widnes, England, was devastated when his friend Olivia Walker died in […]

Holiday announced for girl with spinal muscular atrophy

In Portland, August 6 is now known as “Mermaid Day” in solidarity with people […]

Social media saves California couple’s wedding plans

Social media helped save the wedding of a California couple who faced an obstacle […]