News You Need To Know

  • Study: Over 50% of assisted suicide patients could have been treated
  • Last-minute minimum wage plan stumbles: Lawmakers focus on new tax breaks
    (The Oregonian)
  • Drama at the Capitol: No-show Senate Republicans block floor session
    (The Oregonian)
  • State utility regulators were silenced by governor on big energy bill
  • (Oregonian)
  • House Dems’ wrangle renewable energy bill past opposition
    (Portland Tribune)

5-year-old with joint disorder shares dance-off with Alfonso Ribiero

On a recent stop in Shriner’s Hospital to visit patients, actor Alfonso Ribiero was […]

Bud Pierce helps man in a head-on crash

Last Monday, Oregon’s Republican candidate for governor, Bud Pierce, helped save a man who […]

India’s dabbawallas help deliver surplus food to hungry

In response to India’s simultaneous lack and surplus of food, Mumbai’s lunch deliverers, called […]

Tattoo removal changes lives of LA inmates

Over the last four years, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has been offering […]

Indiana installs ‘Safe Haven Baby Boxes’

Two Safe Haven baby boxes have been installed at Indiana fire departments to provide […]

Salem library creates ukulele lending program

On May 10, the Salem Public Library and the Ukulele Fans of Oregon kicked […]

Muslims help rebuild a Catholic church

Muslim farmers are helping their Catholic neighbors rebuild a mud chapel that was destroyed […]

Hundreds of dads cheer on students before exams

Fathers gathered at schools across the Jackson Public School District in Mississippi to cheer […]